*All of these documents are 100% FREE to use and edit to fit your family’s needs. However, if you change them, please don’t share or post them as your own. You are more than welcome to link people directly to this page. Thanks for your honesty and support!*

Weekly Checklist

Weekly Checklist

Weekly Checklist (Excel)

This editable file gives you the option to adjust the checklist to fit your needs. 4- and 5-day weeks are available by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the document. Check out how I use this handy printable to keep my kiddos (and myself!) organized here.

*This document has been updated (click on tabs 4 and 5) to reflect our change over to The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum.


YAG Preview

Year-At-a-Glance (Excel)

This editable file lets you create a spreadsheet for your family! This is a basic overview of our whole school year. My brain likes to see how everything is “supposed to” fall into place. This info will get transposed onto my kiddo’s Weekly Checklist in slightly more detail at the beginning of each week. Check out how I create this document here. And see my sample.

Year-At-a-Glance for Multiple Kids

YAG Preview

Year at a Glance Multiple Kids (Excel)

This editable file is the same as above, but it has tabs at the bottom for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 students per “row.” This gives you the option to share family style subjects and then split out individuals like Language Arts and Math. If you need one for more than 6 kiddos, contact me and I’ll get you set up!

Course of Study

Course of Study Thumbnail

Course of Study (Excel)

This editable file gives you a framework to create a course of study for your family. I create one of these for each of my kids each school year. Check out how I create this document here.

School Year Calendar


NEW!  2020-2021 Calendar (Excel)

NEW! 2020-2021 Calendar (PDF)

2019-2020 Calendar (Excel)

2019-2020 Calendar (PDF)

This is a blank calendar (July 2020 – June 2021) you can use as a worksheet to plan your school year. Check out this sample year round calendar and find out why we homeschool year round here.

Weekly Lesson Plan

Weekly Lesson Plan

Weekly Lesson Plan (Excel)

This is a very basic document if you want to plan out your week for each student. Each row is one kiddo. I merged rows together for shared subjects.

This is definitely not a “finalized” document since I only use it for a couple weeks each year, it is also not specific to The Good and the Beautiful curriculum. However, you are free to edit/adjust/adapt it to fit your needs if it is something that looks helpful to you! 🙂

The Good & the Beautiful History

History Highlighting Key

History Highlighting Key (PDF)

Use a different color highlighter (I use these) for each section, then highlight the corresponding sections in the Course Guide for a quick at-a-glance of necessary supplies.

History Revealed Planning Outline

History Revealed Thumbnail

History Revealed Basic Outline (Excel)

This is a very basic document if you want to plan out your History Revealed curriculum. The first tab (at the bottom left of the window) is a basic book list. All of the books from the elementary guide have been added to this page as well as some of my own personal findings. Tab 2 is the Unit 1 outline. You can copy this tab (right click on the tab and click “move or copy” to make additional copies of the page. I made 9 tabs, one for each unit. You can see my sample outline here. This one is not complete since I didn’t teach the whole course, but it gives you a head start.

Menu Calendar

Menu Preview

NEW! Menu Calendar

These are the cards I use on my magnetic menu calendar. Feel free to download and make your own! You can find the calendar I used here.